LearnKey® Executive Summary
LearnKey delivers an array of learning products including multi-media learning modules online and offline using CD-ROM as well as intranet and internet. Our newest line of products includes test prep modules in audio, CD-ROM, and online formats. Our products meet the needs of corporate enterprise groups, government organizations, education facilities, and individuals. Specializing in content and delivery systems that support individual self-paced, remedial or mentored learning processes, LearnKey has delivered over twenty-three successful years of service to Fortune 500 companies, school districts, and academia as well as to millions of individuals. LearnKey's award-winning content is recognized on a global basis and has earned the respect of our repeat customers and holds validation with companies such as CompTIA, PMI, Microsoft, Certiport, and CIW.

OnlineExpert.com® Executive Summary
LearnKey's e-Learning model integrates all of the proven products that LearnKey has developed and introduced worldwide into the growing IT certification markets and business development arenas. We call this product OnlineExpert.com®, a hybrid next generation delivery infrastructure and e-Learning platform. Fueled by the current needs and input of our customers and partners, OnlineExpert.com® is formed with the vision of leveraging existing award-winning video and multi-media content, pre-assessments, labs post-tests and other electronic form factors to enhance the learning experience. OnlineExpert.com® is a comprehensive approach to learning online.

"Quality of the e-Learning experience is going to be the deciding factor for keeping repeat customers and long term relationships. As e-Learning has evolved, LearnKey will continue to be considered as an innovator and an industry leader in both educational content and platform technologies." John Clemons, Founder and CEO of LearnKey.

LearnKey's e-Learning Platform
LearnKey's existing customer base has been extremely valuable in providing critical data regarding our e-Learning products, tools, processes, content strategies, and overall e-platform.

It has become obvious to our customers and partners that the need to have a complete platform is the highest priority. The requests from our customers follow industry reports, which suggest the same. The components of LearnKey's e-Platform™ indicate the system is comprehensive and complete in today's market place. The following represent the comments collected from our national and international partners and customers regarding primary and secondary features of LearnKey's e-Platform™:

"Registration"For both groups and individuals LearnKey's e-Platform is designed to allow the administrator complete control of setting the registration process. Currently our LMS (Learning Management System) allows the administrator rights to assign either by individuals or groups to the system. The system can also include online self-registration.

"Proven and tested system" LearnKey has built its system based on the success and market acceptance of Microsoft technologies. LearnKey has also developed proprietary technology, which integrates into Microsoft IE browser, Firefox, and Safari using Flash streaming technology.

"Roadmaps to completing e-Learning goals and incentives to motivate students" Students who prefer to study alone have successfully used our products to learn business and technology best practices, certified, and learned tasks that have created job security and growth. Whether self-paced or mentored, our students demand quality and require resources that are readily available 24/7. Motivation to "Get Certified" or learn new methods and process varies from student to student. Our goal is to create a product that is easy to use, engaging and provides the feedback needed to create an exceptional learning environment. We have found many users want the experience to be self-paced, but mentored when needed. Our platform is effective in both environments, whether you belong to a training group, learning onsite or offsite; the ease of use and knowledge transfer is vital as our students continue down the road to gaining knowledge and learning tasks to make them ready for what lies ahead.

"Branded content from trusted and high-quality vendors" LearnKey is on the certification industry radar map. We have developed a strong brand in the certification market. Many of our courses have been reviewed and approved by 3rd party reviewers. Our goal is to make every course meet industry standards and provide the learning objectives needed by current markets. Our products are respected by the most demanding customers worldwide.

"Content must be up-to-date with the leading software manufactures" We have learned that the most requested content on our sites is the certification content such as Microsoft, Adobe, CIW, PMI, Cisco, Certiport, ICS(2) and the CompTIA certifications. Our marketing has been focused at the IT industry, additional training like the ITIL, Leadership, Team Management, Ethics and Workplace, Process and Behavior are also in high demand. LearnKey is leading the industry in rolling out products that are relevant to the current job markets and evolving market needs. All courses include expert content, interactive labs and pre/post testing and reporting.

"User experience is the highest priority" The use of media-rich content is key to retention of information, addressing learning modalities and the needs of learners to digest information. The integration of many types of media-rich content and data types are used to engage the student, challenge the student and keep the student interested in completing the training assignment.

"Resources are necessary for the student" Online resources must be fresh, accurate, timely, and linked to the courseware. If the resources are designed to be staged over a time period then the e-Platform must keep up with the student by tracking where the student is and supplying only relevant needed information when it’s needed.

"Student activity tracking and remote administration" Learners today wish for information in an easy to access format and easy to understand design. Students can easiy access the training and the appropriate progress reports, while administrators can drill down to track the success and skill-gaps of the students and provide additional resources if needed.

The Learning Management System or LMS tracks daily activities, test scores, test details, and allows administrators to quickly access individual and group accomplishments. Built-in are a variety of reporting features for both the administrator and the student. Records can quickly be exported into excel by administrators. Reporting is robust and easily to use.

"The system must be scalable" The complete solution must be scalable from a single point of delivery to a multi-point system with back-end architecture capable of supporting many groups and individual that use the system daily. OnlineExpert.com® is widely scalable and has integration options to work with other portals.

"Support and training" LearnKey offers free support for the e-Learning system. Our customer service and technical support is handled in-house by our trained staff. Our customers consistently give us high marks, and value our courses and support of our tools and systems.

Welcome to OnlineExpert.com®